A water softener will remove the calcium and magnesium ions that make up the hardness in your water, utilizing NSF certified ion exchange resin. 

You can think of a water softener as a magnet. As your water passes through, the resin attracts the hardness keeping it within the vessel, leaving you with soft water.  During the softener’s regeneration, the magnet is reversed sending all of the hardness to your drain. The regeneration process involves rejuvenating the resin bed with a salt brine.

The only way to truly remove hardness is through the ion exchange process.  Don’t be fooled by the “Salt-less” softeners or “clamp-on magnetic” softeners that don’t actually remove the hardness from your water. They are simply keeping the hardness in suspension, allowing it to continue to scale fixtures, bathtubs and appliances.


In most cases, Ferrous Iron and Manganese can be removed utilizing our chemical free aeration filters. These filters use an air pocket along with a specially selected media bed to oxidize the dissolved iron and manganese into solid particles so it can then be filtered from your water. These systems generally take up very little space in your home and only require minimal annual maintenance.

In extreme cases having very high iron and/or manganese content, we can use chemical injection with filtration to remove them from your water.  


Low pH can be corrected by an acid neutralizer filter.  The media is “sacrificial” and it dissolves slowly during usage and will need to be replenished on a regularly scheduled basis (on average every 6-12 months). 

High pH can be corrected through chemical injection of vinegar or citric acid utilizing one of our chemical feed systems.   


Sediment can be removed via a backwashing filter or a simple cartridge style system. 

Cartridge filters generally need to be changed on a regular basis, while the media in a backwashing filter will last much longer and will need to be replaced less often.


In most cases, sulfur can be removed by our chemical free, single tank, air-draw systems. 

The type of media recommended will depend on the severity of sulfur levels. In extreme cases, we will recommend a chemical injection system to remove the sulfur followed by a backwashing carbon filter to remove the chlorine taste from your water.


Coliform and e.Coli can be treated with an ultraviolet filtration system. It is imperative that the system is sized properly for your household. 

The system will need to be serviced on an annual basis to ensure proper disinfection is being maintained.