60% of your body weight.

71% of the earth's surface.

100% Essential.

At Upstate NY Water Treatment, we understand the importance of having safe and quality water for you and your family. We also understand the importance of having a qualified water treatment specialist to test your water, provide the correct solution and install and service your treatment equipment.  It’s our passion and our commitment to all of our customers. 


Iron & Manganese


Coliform & E.Coli

Free Water Testing

This is the first step in determining your water issues.  We will conduct an in-home test and review all of our findings with you. Free testing. No catch.

Technical Expertise

With over 20 years of experience in the residential water treatment industry, you can feel confident that we have the in-depth experience needed to select the correct solution for your issues.

We are Local

We live and operate our family-run business right here in Schoharie Valley, NY. We are bringing quality water to our neighbors and surrounding communities.